The Story behind The Butterfly Experience Program

The facilitator and creator of the Butterfly Experience, Deborah Morandin, was first intrigued by Butterflies as a young child and in her teenage years learned about the amazing metamorphic journey of the Butterfly.

Deborah began a process of consciously changing her own environment in order to be able to achieve success in all facets of her life. Having mastered her own metamorphosis successfully, she then began to teach her skills and tools to others. She has now been successfully working as a life & business coach for over 15 years.

During that time, through her professional training career, her successful business creations, and more importantly, her life experience, Deborah came to understand her purpose and mission in life is.

“The passion I feel when I help take someone who is searching for more in life to a whole new level is so exciting, and watching them grow and achieve their desired outcomes, is so much more than I could wish for."  Deborah Morandin

Deborah finally put the finishing touches on her book that is a collection of the tools that helped her successfully navigate her very own metamorphosis over 10 years. At the same time that was   her life’s work together in a written form, she was teaching the tools and getting massive outcomes  for her participants. A number of programs were created and her business Squiggly Training was born which then became The Butterfly Experience. This has grown from strength to strength and as they say, the rest is history.

An important element of the program is to learn that there is so much more to life, including understanding how to successfully balance and achieve goals and dreams as individuals, as mothers, as wives, as a family and as part of the community.  

Feel free to look at our testimonials and browse through the photo gallery of our wonderful Butterfly graduates.

The Butterfly Experience - Power Weekends

These weekends have been tailored for working women who may be stuck in life, not sure which direction to move in, or may have some type of barrier stopping them from their next great chapter in life.

The program is also perfect for women that have a great life and know they deserve even more in life.

We bring The Butterfly Experience metamorphosis to our participants prior to our Power Weekend by helping women to prepare their minds and gear up for exciting change, and then we can hit the ground running at our Power Weekend.

Experience our Power Weekends at the opulent and inspiring Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast and the wonderful views from the Fountain View Room at Mt Cootha.

This motivational weekend is the perfect platform to begin new and exciting chapters in your life. The program is followed up with a month of support.

Join us in the magical Butterfly Experience