The Butterfly Experience Program


The first year of the 8 year long running program was funded by Department of Employment and Training Queensland State Government. 

The Butterfly Experience has been THE MOST PRODUCTIVE and PERSONALLY FULFILLING program. I have had the pleasure of being involved in. This course allows amazing women to realize their full potential in life.
Lynda M 

I recommend this program to women who have “lost” their identity in the course of home duties and marriage; women who are contemplating re-entering the workforce but have doubts over their capabilities. The Butterfly Experience by Squiggly Training is an excellent program, and Deborah Morandin goes beyond her call of duty to help every single student in her class. She is a magnificent trainer.
Lily N

This has been a very unique and inspiring course that Deborah has created. She lives and breathes the Butterfly Experience, and her passion is quite visible. I have gained so much from this and hope that it will continue, so many other women will also benefit. Thank you Deborah for creating this wonderful opportunity.
Helen K

Very well presented with excellent tools provided. Continuous support was always there. I enjoyed the full course and it gave me a lot of strength to pursue my dreams and goals.
Heidi K 

Well really, it so facile and superficial and easy to say it changed my life”, but it really, really did, right from the first day, as a result of which I got a new stove after 3 months. By week 3, I had gone from mild to wild and was saying outrageous, unheard of things like “why?” to people who have been accustomed to telling me what to do for years. I was really frightened of having no one to tell me what to do, but now I listen carefully, have a bit of a think, and then do what I like. This sometimes isn’t good, but it’s a big step in the firth direction. Peace – if you cultivate it – it grows- I can’t say “thank you“ enough for what you have done Deborah, this was thousands of dollars worth in psychotherapy.
Margaret L

Simply, Deborah Morandin, each week, gave us 110% of herself. Each person felt at ease, special and worthwhile in a short period of time and that was thanks to Deborah. All women who are fortunate enough to share in this program can only learn so very much from it and grow from strength to strength and achieve their goals and discover their passions!   Deborah Morandin is a real gift!! THANK YOU AGAIN.
Sue H

I was very grateful to be part of such a positive step in the promotion of women getting back, either into paid workforce (part-time or full-time) or realizing that being an un-paid parent was a valuable contribution to society. I now have the tools to realize my goals.
Cal A

This program is a must for all women. School leavers should undertake this program! It offers real skills for life that can be put into practice immediately. We have emerged much stronger and more confident in our daily lives
Catherine K 

Deborah, Thank you as a Great Facilitator
The course has been like a fresh breeze in my life. It has made me look at the positive aspects of life changes instead of looking at what I’ll miss when I go to work, I am looking in anticipation for what myself and my family will gain. There is more to be gained than wages. There is purpose and a whole new world of opportunities.
Cathy R

The past few weeks have been an incredible learning journey for me. I feel very privileged to have been included. I would encourage anyone thinking about this course to consider applying. I hope who ever is responsible for funding is aware of the valuable work and results coming out of these classes.
Julia Lea

 It was wonderful to get back in touch with myself; it was like being reunited with a long lost friend. Meeting other women facing similar struggles was really validating for me, and I now have friends and support for the future.
Leanne B

I have never attended a short course such as this one. It opened up my mind to express our spirit through our actions. Life is too short to be always negative. I have learnt how to embrace the positive side of life.
Nian P

This program was informative, friendly and motivating. I find myself going back over all of the modules, when I find myself wondering if there may be a different way of looking at all parts of my new life (work, home and the way I relate to my sons). Well done Deborah, I have done a number of programs for women, but I got far more from you than any other program.
Robyn M

 I was very impressed with Deborah’s enthusiasm for the course and how she went out of her way to give opportunities to the women who had specific goals, and the amount of effort Deborah puts into making each lesson special.
Stella W

This program was a great course full of passion, knowledge and our teacher Deborah, who cared and believed in what she does. Giving women confidence, networking, passion, excitement, knowledge, trust, honesty and so much more. great networking for job search. A brilliant terrific course for women re-entering the work force. Thank-you.
Sandy M

This program and the people in it helped me find myself. I have more confidence and have gained the ability to make my dreams a reality.
Theresa E

Doing the Butterfly Experience has increased my confidence and self-esteem and I feel certain that I have the ability to be a valuable part of any office situation.
Peggy R

Keynote Motivational Conference Speaker and Guest Speaker
Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland
2 Day State Conference

Thank you for your presentation at our state conference.  Your presentation was very well received and judging by the positive feedback from the two days, you certainly stimulated thinking and motivated many to implement some of your ideas.                                             

Deborah delivered a thought provoking presentation which was the result of considerable effort in research and preparation and I am very grateful for her commitment.  Not many presenters take the time to meet face-to-face with delegates before a conference. Deborah tailored her presentation to the audience and spent time throughout the conference talking with delegates.
Sharon Ible Business Skills Development OfficerNGIQ

3 Day National Sales & Installers Conference

" Just a quick note to thank you for the motivational and life skills seminar presented to the Termimesh Group. Sometimes we go through life without putting enough thought into managing our life goals and lifestyle. Your presentations were both interesting and informative. I was particularly impressed with your control of our group whilst being able to encourage direct feedback about our network.

Thanks and regards !

Dr Geoff Richardson Manager Research and Development - Perth – Head Office Termimesh

TAFE – Southbank

(Group size 450)

"Deborah Morandin from Squiggly Training presented a very inspiring keynote address entitled Passionate Expectations at our annual Teaching and Learning Conference in July 2004. Deborah's presentation focussed on passion, setting and achieving goals and established positive actions that could be easily implemented by conference delegates. The conference evaluations indicated that Deborah's session was very well received and enjoyed!
Norval Dunfee Chairman - Teaching & Learning Conference Committee Southbank Institute of TAFE

BDAQ (Building Designers Association) (Group size 150 – Regional tour; Townsville, Rockhampton, Toowoomba)

Thanks for your great keynote presentation to our regional conferences.  Reports from our members who attended assure us that your session was both entertaining and extremely valuable in terms of managing their personal and professional lives. Russell Brandon Executive Director BDAQ

Hey Deborah, thanks so much for your input & inspiration to help rescue me from my "Ground Hog Day”, putting the fun factor back into my work & life. You went beyond the call of duty to mix with those present to find out what we were about, our difficulties & to offer logical & workable solutions, thanks so much for your sincerity it makes all the difference. Trevor Reitsma

TAFE – Moreton – Teacher & Staff Conference

(Group size 450)

" Thank you for your sessions, comments from our staff have been that you were “Sensational and very inspiring”, and “Excellent and Motivating!”!

Staff comments Moreton Institute of TAFE


(Group size 20- multiple guest speaker)

Deb thanks for your inspiring session on networking, we have been able to apply many of your invaluable insights to the way we now do business, which as had a very positive effect to our bottom line.
Bernard C

Motivational & Business Workshops
Department of State Development and Innovation Smart Women - Smart Inspiration
(Group size 25 – room capacity)

The Best workshop / Best presenter I have been to at State Development. Very Inspiring. Thank you Sharon I

Department of State Development and Innovation Smart Women - Smart Goals

(Group size 25 – room capacity)

 I really enjoyed your motivational way of inspiring me to want more for my life and business, I had quite a light bulb moment with so many things you said and demonstrated. Thankyou.
Jenny E

Kick Start Your Business

Training Subjects in Cert IV in Business Management

An Australian Government Funded initiative by the Small Business Enterprise Culture Program. In Conjunction with Logan TAFE & Department of State Development

Effective Selling & Running Your Business SMART

Deborah I have now attended 2 of your workshops and your are an inspiration, your energy is electric, everything you say make complete sense and I am motivated to implement as many of your great ideas as I can. Thank you for your commitment and undivided attention to the way you run your workshops.
Amanda C

What a great workshop, Deb you are by far the best presenter in the business series, you are clear, concise, I really appreciate the amount of real business examples and then adopting that directly to our business in the class. You make the principals being learnt so transferable to my business, and have made me thing about aspects of my business I hadn’t thought twice about which will help smoothen the edges of my business. Thanks, I am really looking forward to your next workshop.
Mark M

Deborah you have opened my eyes to what makes a successful business, I found your workshop very interesting, your motivation is infectious and your ideas on marketing were fresh and exciting. I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into them.
Linda T 

Dreams to Reality – Butterfly Public Workshops

(Group size 60)

Thank you Deborah – I felt like you were talking directly to me the while workshop – wow very motivating. Cindy D

You rock Deb! I feel so motivated after your workshop I am walking on air, can’t wait to tackle my life head on.  Louise M

I wish I had been to this very real workshop 5 years ago, but thank goodness it’s happened now.  Michelle J

In-house Contracts

Brisbane City Council

Organising Yourself At Work – (an ongoing monthly contract)

 Thank you so much for yesterday, I really learnt a lot and how to be more organised both at work and home. I have been able to come into work today with more positivity. I will definitely be recommending you (to my partner definitely) I look forward to hearing from you again.
Emily H 

Hi Deborah, first of all thankyou so very much for a most enjoyable day. I knew I was disorganised but now can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I found the entire day useful and have taken away my own "Time Management Toolbox" to use at work.
Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and a most enjoyable day,
Jane W

Thanks Deborah, I really enjoyed the day, and started this morning by composing my "To Do" list -- going well so far.
Julie S

Hey Deborah My first week was AWESOME and the best part is that I've been able to share the knowledge with others.  I'm learning to live above the line, live out of the qualities of leadership as much possible, expanding my view of myself, and excited about my long term goals.

Touching a piece of paper only once and just being more organised.  The funniest part is that I actually re-read the manual to refresh my memory and my to do lists are just fabulous.

If i didn't thank you for being such an inspiring presenter that day please let me thank you again because the thing is you kept it real and it was real cos you've experienced - it wasn't textbook like.

This week is about continuing to stay above the line and oh yeah the "soft tone and slow pace" when dealing with a angry customer works and even my supervisor loves it.    HAVE A GREAT WEEK & THANK YOU AGAIN
Josie V

Deborah, Firstly, thank-you for the lesson. It gave me some insight into some of the mistakes I've been making, and provided some positive alternatives. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Bodo K

Morning Deborah! I found the course yesterday to be a good 'springboard' into getting a good balance between the competing interests for my time. Hope your having a GREAT day!
Johnny B

On the personal side thank you also for your "confidential" advice over the issues discussed after class.
Ray B

The training yesterday was fantastic, it has given me some great ideas and I AM LIVING ABOVE THE LINE!!!
Danielle T

Hi Deborah Some of my workmates attended your course yesterday.  They speak very highly of the course; in fact Helena states that she still feels "on a high".  That's a pretty good recommendation! Les is also very positive about it & he's hard to impress at the best of times.

Would you please advise me how to book into your course, giving me a few options on dates, please. As everyone has spoken so highly of your presentation and positive outlook, I'd like to attend a workshop run by you, not by another person.
Janeene W

Australian Defence Force

"Deborah coordinated and conducted a number of training courses for the Australian Defence Force Recruiting Unit - Brisbane (ADFRU-B) in 2003, mainly to up skill those staff who were casualties of the decision to transfer the responsibility for Defence Force recruiting to a new collaborative arrangement between Defence and Manpower. I attended three of these courses and found them to be relevant, professionally delivered and very well administered.  Deborah displayed great flexibility during pre-course negotiations and was a excellent facilitator on the day. Feedback from other unit staff was similarly complimentary.  The courses were good value for money and I would certainly use Squiggly Training to provide training of this nature in the future." Lieutenant Colonel Sam McPhee

TAFE – Woman's Development Program

 I have been attending a Women’s Development Program run by Logan TAFE. Our facilitator Deborah Morandin has been an inspiration to me. Deborah is a great communicator, her enthusiasm and well-presented classes make learning easy and fun, I have gained a great deal of confidence that I will be able to plan and proceed with my own projects through what I have learned so far during this program.
Deborah H 

Deb’s zest for life and powerful teaching methods have enabled me to look outside the box and to reach deep inside and grab hold with both hands, never to settle for second best but to reach for the stars.
Fiona F

Sometimes in life one loses direction, faith and self worth. Deborah has rekindled all this and more with a passion. I am so grateful our paths crossed. Thanks Deborah you are truly inspirational.
Elain B

I found the course very enjoyable and as a result of the course I see myself more positively, I am more motivated and self-confident and now I can think outside the “square”.
Carole. C - Logan Village QLD 

Butterfly Experience Public Programs
Organising Your World

Incredibly fresh, motivation and yes even a month after the course, Congratulations on getting me pumped and keeping me pumped with your wonderful follow-up.
John P 

Deborah you are a great and motivating facilitator, I really feel empowered to get on and achieve everything I have ever wanted for my life, and even enjoying work now. Thank you!
Angela A

Sales that Sell

Thank you Deb, I finally have a true sales focus, with a view to smashing the glass ceiling.
James C

Wow, who would of thought 3 days could give me this much confidence, I now know what to do if I really want to be a sales success, and I do want to be a success.
Sharon T

Fresh Supervisor

What wonderful ideas you have shared over the last 2 days, I can’t wait to try them all.
Lyn H

I really want to take what I have learnt in the course and as you say truly become a leader that my staff are proud to follow. Graham A

Life / Business Coaching 1:1

I contacted Deb at Squiggly after being referred, and I have to say my first telephone session with her has changed my life. I was at a crossroads not sure which road to take and within a few minutes I had my direction sorted. The contacts and networking that Deb has introduced me to has been amazing.  Deb enlightens me to information and directions I was unable to think of myself and now I have learned to think outside the square. I head to China soon to enhance my career and to follow my goal and I thank Deb for giving me the boost I needed to get there and for the ongoing support.
Dallas F

My life/business coaching sessions with Deborah were extremely motivating, knowledgeable, focused and interesting.

Her lessons have benefited my business and myself in many ways. Deborah introduced new ideas on how to market and promote my business, how to think outside the square and how to be enthusiastic and passionate about business.

Deborah also expressed to me how to implement financial goals, focus on where I want to be over the short term and in the long term and reiterated the importance of goal setting.

Her insight into different aspects about business and life has made me more excited and motivated about my life and business and all this over the phone.
Karl S

Recently, I was feeling completely over-faced with responsibilities - a business, husband, 3 teenage children, 2 aging parents.  It was at this time of total confusion and frustration.  I was lucky to find wonderful life coach Deborah Morandin. These one hour phone sessions over 4 weeks have made an amazing difference to my feelings of self worth and to my attitude to the problems in my life. The truth is that after just 4 hours I feel that I have the skills to deal with all the pressures in my life and the ability to achieve my goals, ambitions and dreams. All this in just 4 hours and when you consider there are 8,736 hours in a year and I have battled with my problems for many years, this achievement seems truly remarkable. Deborah assisted me to evaluate and eliminate those issues which had been holding me back and I feel empowered and enriched because of her skill, her guidance and the dedication she bestows to everyone with whom she works
Gillian B

Many thanks for your support and guidance over the last 4 weeks.  Your ability to zero in on the real issues and gently but firmly encourage me to bring them into the open, study them and decide upon a course of action has been great. I do not know that a real value can be placed on your involvement in my life and this time.  As a result of your guidance I am now instigating several changes in my life including perusing some long lost dreams like learning to play and instrument, taking Italian lessons and starting to regain my passion to live.

I liken my life over the last few years it to trying to hold a beach ball under the surface of the water, eventually waves come along, not necessary big waves, there can be just slight ripples and the pressure on the beach ball is changed and it pops up and smashes you in the face.  Well I have being holding so many beach balls down for so long I have gotten used to being smashed in the face.  Your coaching has enabled me to stand clear of the popping beach ball and start addressing my issues without fear. Janine H

I recently undertook a series of four, one hour weekly coaching sessions with Deborah Morandin from Squiggly Training QLD.  Through these coaching sessions I explored my personal needs and goals and developed an understanding of how to achieve these through better planning and other techniques suggested by Deborah.  I was able to reassess my daily workload in a very busy position to assist me in remaining an effective manager while also managing my own personal health and personal priorities.  I enjoyed reflecting between sessions and after my final session I find I now revisit my weekly coaching journal.  The journal is developing further ideas and insights that benefit me in my daily role as a manager.

My sincere thanks to Deborah for assisting me to look introspectively to achieve all I wish for.
Lyn A

“There is coaching and then there is Deborah… The goals that I have been able to achieve in the past 2 months have been amazing, I am so focused and really enjoying my journey again….”
Pina Fiorenza, Fiorenza Collections, Brisbane

“Thank you so much for your coaching and support with my 16 year old daughter, it’s wonderful to see a smile on her face again, she is focused, goals orientated and enjoying being a teenager.”
Lynda J, Forest Lake, Queensland

“You really helped me get my butt into gear, thanks for hanging in there and not letting me give you excuses that would normally of stopped me from achieving my goals.
James P, St Kilda, Melbourne

“Deborah thank-you for empowering me into a life that I always knew was possible, I couldn’t of done it without you”
Maria T, New York, USA

“Deborah your support was amazing and your contacts endless, thanks to you I have so much pride in myself and my new career and enjoying every day….”
Paul C, Auckland, New Zealand

“I would like to sincerely thank all of my clients for all your wonderful testimonials and continued support – it is your words and support that make my work worth all the effort, and help me love what I do every single day”

Deborah Morandin
Managing Director
The Butterfly Experience